ADP Fashion World Bastard crewneck sweatshirt
crewneck sweatshirt sustainably made
ADP crewneck sweatshirt made of pure waste
recycled crewneck sweatshirt
ADP sweatshirt with crewneck
800,00 kr


100% recycled fabrics (cotton/polyester), save 6.200 Liters of water - TODAY. Made from textile waste.

This is the first of our signature prints. In many ways we define that we are ready to fight for this, and have done for a while, but maybe in the wrong way, since we haven't been able to do the difference we hoped for. 

In this picture we stage, that now at least we are two. 

Im not gonna get into my opinions, but it really strike my as odd, that if you know this sweatshirt saves 6.200 Liters of water, meaning what you are wearing or thinking of buying, elsewhere, is using 6.200 Liters of water, added toxics, that anyone would consider not to do the "right" thing.

If you do not like this print, its super fair, but maybe browse or buy one without print, its available under basics. 

Now you know. 

I welcome you to try.